1 year.


It has been exactly one year since the day we launched Brussel’s Kitchen.
Well not quite exactly of course, the idea had been in our minds for a while before that, but it was born online on the 10th of march 2012.
We are touched, happy, delighted to have this first wrinkle and we feel even more motivated (if possible) then the day we launched the blog.
Projects, lots of beautiful projects we hope, are being built right now because of Brussel’s Kitchen, and because of you!
Still small right now, but believe me, as soon as they will be ready to see the day, you will be the firsts aware of it!

This year has been rich in all kinds of stuff. Culinary discoveries of course, but also people we’ve met and amazing trips.
We had the occasion to eat in the Tram Experience, to handle the food at 354 photographer’s opening party, to get invited in a wonderful road in Morocco, to discover millions of places, and to meet very interesting people.
Never before did any work give us so much satisfaction. This blog is what makes us work during the day, think while waiting for the tram and keeps us awake at night. It is our baby that we built with our own little hands and that we wish to take as far as possible. That we will take as far as possible.

To celebrate, we of course do have a surprise (that will be announced when the time is right on our Facebook page), and we also made a small selection of our biggest crushes this year, some sort of special BK awards!

A huge thank you to all of you who have been following us so far!


Chloé & Sarah.

You can click on the pictures to get to the full article.

Resto // La Buvette

True love at first sight, La Buvette serves THE best lunches in Brussels. 20 euros, 5 courses, and a real experience around taste, product and esthetics.



Bars // Nuno

According to us the best place in town to drink a glass of wine outside, while eating delicious olives from the Piemont region and fresh goat cheese served with white wine jam. We were a bit scared when we heard it was about to close, but we’re happy to announce that Nuno is going to re open pretty soon!


Sur le pouce // Ici

Organic, seasonal and local products, light and delicate cooking, amazing decoration and homemade pastries, that’s what Ici is all about!

DSC_0276 DSC_0265

Sur le pouce // Street food // Noordzee

It’s a bit cheating, we said one per category. But Noordzee is an institution, a real crush, and a celebration of seeing the sun in Brussels. We just couldn’t not put it.

SONY DSC nordzee-mer-du-nord-poissonerie-bruxelles04

Tea Time // Moka

Moka was a real discovery for us. We’re more tea people in general, but their coffee kind of touched us. The precision with which they realize the milk foam is alone worth going there. And if seats are available outside in the sun, it’s even better.

brussels-kitchen-bar-moka-cafe-bruxelles05 brussels-kitchen-bar-moka-cafe-bruxelles06

And last but not least, the numerous trips we had the chance to take this past year, Firenze, Fez, but also Sri Lanka, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Berlin and Antwerp of course, where we try to go as often as possible.

brussels-kitchen-florence-firenze-food-voyages-restos19 brussels-kitchen-florence-firenze-food-voyages-restos01 brusselskitchen-fes-trips-maroc-morocco-voyages-bruxelles-restaurant05 IMG_8070 brusselskitchen-fes-trips-maroc-morocco-voyages-bruxelles-restaurant01SONY DSC IMG_02calpep-barcelone-brussels-kitchen brussels-kithen-barcelone-food04 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Berlin-brusselskitchen-city-guide-restaurants-fruhstuck-brunch0001 brusselskitchen-lombardia-anvers-bio-restaurant03 boulevard-leopold-hotel-anvers-brussels-kitchen01

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