Tomato & ricotta tart

– 1 packet of phyllo pastry (10 sheets)
– 300 g of ricotta
– 1 packet of chives
– 1 packet of fresh mint
– 1 lemon
-4 beautiful multi-colored tomatoes
– a few cherry tomatoes
– Utensils
– a Horl sharpener
– a microplane

If you missed it on Instagram, on Sunday we shared our recipe for tomato, ricotta, and fresh herb tart ☀️🍅🌿

It was an opportunity for us to discover the Horl sharpener, which allowed us to obtain tomato slices as thin as paper 🔪

Never underestimate the joy of cutting with a well-sharpened knife ☝🏻

It was the first time I sharpened my knives myself, and I’m still amazed by the ease of use of the Horl sharpener, especially considering that I had absolutely no knowledge of sharpening. Additionally, the sharpener is made locally in the Black Forest in Germany and is truly designed to last 🌳🪵

I’m just saying, it’s never too early to start the Christmas gift list 😌

Recipe :



boulevard du souverain 25,
1170 Boitsfort
everyday from 12 to 11:30pm
13 food stands
dishes from 6€


We tried the Fox – the brand new food market in the no-less brand new Mix building, and it had been a while since we were this excited by a food court.

Walking through the alleys, all our senses are alert. We spot the menus, the plates, evening the beeping lights from the other customers’ buzzers have caught our attention. Everything looks delicious. We’re only two, so we decide to go for four different food stands, even if it might be a tad too much. We don’t really have a choice though, we want to try as much as we can. Tacos first. Real corn-based tortillas like the ones they serve in Roca are quite rare in Brussels, so we order three (14,90€ for 3). We then head for Coast, with a large choice of seafood and fish, and go for the lobster roll (15€), though we’re super tempted by the coconut, candied lemon and curry clams (12€). We then stop by Roru rolls, the new concept by Umamido, and pick up some shiitake and yellow radish rolls. Simple yet delicious. It was impossible to miss out on Sababa too, a middle eastern concept with daily made challah bread. We had the beef meatballs and the cauliflower with white butter and almonds.



rue du bailli, 35
1050 Saint-Gilles
from monday to friday
from 8am to 6pm
saturday and sunday
from 9am to 6pm
eggs & toast : 9,50€ – 14,50€
french toasts : 9,50€ – 13,50€


For days we passed the huge sticker on the window trying to imagine the place hiding behind it, for weeks we’d heard about Bisou opening soon, and couldn’t wait to see it for real. The time has come. Bisou has opened its doors, launched by talented Chloé Sengier – Coco Donuts & Crème – who’s already proven multiple times what she was capable of.



rue hôtel des monnaies, 80
1060 Saint-Gilles
du jeudi au lundi
de 17h à minuit
à manger : 5€ – 15€
cidre au verre : 4,9€ – 5,4€

La lumière est tamisée, un grand bar en pierre traverse la pièce, et des tabourets en bouleau ornent les murs et le comptoir. Tout est beau chez Badi, mais ce qu’on aime particulièrement, ce sont les centaines de bouteilles de cidre aux étiquettes vives et colorées qui emplissent les étagères.

A la carte, des galettes bretonnes travaillées au fil des saisons (9€), des huitres de cancale n°3 (6€), un tartare d’algue (5€) et des praires farcies au beurre persillé et à l’ail (15€). On se réjouit d’être arrivées au bord de la mer.