Le Phare du Kanaal

Néo-Cantine et bar de quartier

40 quai des charbonnages, 1080 molenbeek
02 410 06 84 – site web
from monday to friday, from 9am to 8pm
saturday, from 11am to 6pm

Le Phare du Kanaal is a charming bar and lunch spot, located « on the other side of the canal », as most people from uptown like to name the area. And we’ve got to admit, that though the Phare opened over four years ago, we have only been in the neighborhood so many times. Last time we came, we were lucky to meet Hanna, the founder of this beautiful spot.




authentic Belgian bar

42 rue sainte-catherine, 1000 brussels
02 511 75 11 – site web
from monday to saturday,
from 12pm to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm on sunday,
from 6pm to 11pm
beers: 2.20 – 5.50€
Mixed platter: 12€

We fell in love at Monk. We fell in love with this man, who’s been coming here for over 25 years, and who knows the story of the place “better than the waitress”. We fell in love with this other man, who comes here for a soup every single day, when he’s not picking up a sandwich across the street, to eat it here along with a beer. We fell in love for the een bekke vanalles platter – a little bit of everything – its Orval cheese, its pâté de champagne, and its huge meatball pierced with a bunch of toothpick across the sandwich paper.



65 boulevard anspach, 1000 brussels
site web
from monday to friday: from 9am to 6pm
lunch: 6,50€ – 12€
brunch first sunday of the month: 25€

In the very center of Brussels – the real one, visited mostly by tourists, stuck between Central Station and boulevard Anspach, lower than Mont des Arts and right before the vibrant neighborhood of Sainte-Catherine – a new and gigantic eatery ad co-working space just opened. Anne, who had already open a similar project in Vilvoorde a few years ago, just moved into the boulevard – or the new “piétonnier” – in the old Actiris building. And just like in her first space, she combined with extremely good taste a co-working project – Firma – and a neo-canteen – Cantine.



Le Gout de Gras

bistronomic restaurant

89 rue americaine, 1050 ixelles
04 88 16 00 12 – site web
from tuesday to saturday: from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm to 10:30pm
dishes : 18€- 45€

Laurent’s favorite vegetable, says the waiter, is bacon. This has us smile as soon as we walk in, and directly sets the tone of the restaurant. We’re not really surprised though, as the name literally translates into “the piece of fat”. On the black board hung on the wall, below the specials, a quote says “I’ll be drinking milk when cows will be eating grapes”. We weren’t mistaken. Le Bout de Gras is all bout pleasure, miles away from the healthy trend we’re living in today. Here, we eat fat food, because, let’s not kid anyone, food is simply better when it’s fat. As for the wine, the selection is natural, rock ‘n’roll to say the least, and simply excellent.