Three cocktail recipes with Cointreau

On Wednesday, I had the chance to invite Thomas Timmermans, elected best bartender of Belgium in 2019, to do a live class together with me on Instagram.

Today, Thomas is above all a Cointreau ambassador, a brand with more than 150 years of history and experience. The perfect opportunity to prepare together a Margarita – one of Cointreau’s iconic cocktails and my personal favorite – but not only. We also made a Cointreau Mule – simple as it can be -, and a Cointreau Christmas Brew with coffee, ideal for the holidays.

It was fun, super easy, and I learned a lot of little tips! If you missed the live show, you can watch it again here.

And now, let’s get to the cocktail recipes!



Our favorite restaurants’ Christmas menus

our favorite restaurants’
christmas menus
for this seasons’s
holiday dinners

This year, we’ll be celebrating Christmas in small groups. Not only we’re not super thrilled about the idea, but the perspective of spending the whole day cooking for only 2 to 3 people is making us doubt a little.
Restaurants are not about to open again anytime soon, and we’d still love to support them as much as we can. So an idea came to mind – quite an obvious one to be honest. We’ll order our Christmas menu at our favorite restaurants this year.
Perfect, that’s settled then.

But we still have to choose which one.
We’ve made a list of our favorite Christmas menus, made by our favorite chefs, available for you this year.
The ball is in your court.



On Tuesday 8/12, we’ll be cooking with Vertige !

Prochain cours de cuisine live:
ce mardi 8 décembre à 19h
avec le chef Kevin Perlot
du restaurant Vertige

For the next live cooking class, I’m very excited to invite Kevin, the young chef of Vertige restaurant that I had the chance to discover last July.

As usual, the class will be preceded by a few days by a live oenology session, where Baptiste will present the wine pairings chosen for the recipe.
See you this Friday December 4th at 8pm on Instagram this Friday with Titulus.

As for the recipe we’ll be cooking next Tuesday, here is all you need to know : 

“Candied celeriac, vegetable rose, shiitake sauce”.

Ingredients for 4 persons :
-1 beautiful organic celery root ideally 800g/1kg
-150 gr button mushroom
-100 gr shitaké
-1 l poultry broth
-50g hazelnut
-1 clove of garlic
-5 to 6 dried bay leaves
-1/2 tbsp. coriander seed
-1/2 tsp. black pepper
-grape seed oil or olive oil

Necessary equipment
-1 cutting board
-1 large knife
-1 mandolin (optional)
-1 baking dish
-aluminum paper
-2 pans
-1 small mixer + diver mixer
-1 sieve

Meet me on Instagram this Friday at 8pm to talk about wine and this Tuesday, December 8th at 7pm to cook together !


How to support our favorite restaurants?

the most creative delivery and take-outs

cafés, bars, restaurants
staying active by offering
creative delivery and take-outs


Here we go again. We’re not gonna lie, this second closing of the bars and restaurant is simply dramatic, and some may not be able to live through the winter.

We can help them to stay alive. If you usually eat out a lot, don’t change your habits now. Every order counts.

Keep eating out, but only at home this time. Our favorite restaurant owners have put in place extremely high quality solutions to help you stay loyal to them. Here are just a few of them.