Met Plaizier

coffee, lunch and society

925 chaussée de waterloo, 1180 Uccle
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monday to friday : 8am – 5pm 
saturday and sunday : 10am – 5pm


The place is lively and colorful, and it’s hard to decide where to set our eyes at the first glance. But this lovely chaos is only visual. At Met Plaizier, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, and makes us want to come back on weekdays, to take a chair at the big table at the back, and work quietly with a cappuccino or a homemade lemonade next to us.



Bautier Café

314 chaussée de forest, 1190 Forest
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du mardi au samedi, de 10h à 18h


Light and softness were the two words that directly came to mind when stepping into Marina Bautier’s space. The office at the back blends in perfectly with the showroom, shop, and since not long, a tiny café. You’ll find beauty here everywhere, if you know how to look.



Notre top 10 adresses veggie



Plutôt que de vous réunir les options végés que proposent aujourd’hui la plupart des (bons) restos, on vous a fait la liste des 10 adresses qui vont un step plus loin.




14 rue des princes, 1000 bruxelles
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from thursday to saturday,
kitchen from 6 to 9:30pm


We said we’d just stay for a drink. All three of us had plans, and all three of us ended up either cancelling or arriving (very) late. We love unwinding as a team with a drink, that’s true, and there’s definitely a bit of that. But what happened that night at Francine caught all our attention.