Simply Natural Lab

café & desserts vegan

71 rue des alexiens, 1000 bruxelles
le jeudi et vendredi de 8h à 17h30
le samedi et le dimanche de 10h30 à 17h30


Au début, les energy balls, Candice les préparait pour Jof avant qu’il ne parte faire du sport. Et puis de fil en aiguille, Candice, diététicienne de formation, s’est penchée de plus près sur la question du sucre et des “desserts sains”, et a même réussi à embarquer son boyfriend avec elle. Elle a d’abord testé le concept à Frankfort, toujours avec les energy balls comme base du projet, avant de lancer avec Jof leur joli café Simply Natural Lab à Bruxelles en décembre 2020.




100 chefs, 100 recettes cultes

New book by Brussels’ Kitchen
in collaboration with
100 tremendous chefs
Price: 30€ (+5,65€ for delivery)

It is now possible to pre-order our new book ! The book will be available on Nov 9th. 

Pre order here 🔥

If you have chosen the pick up option, let’s meet on Novemver 9th at bar Le Cocq (12 place fernand cocq, 1050 Ixelles) from noon to 1.30pm or from 6 to 8 pm.

If you have chosen the delivery option, the book will be shipped to you on November 10th.




22 rue de la paix,
1050 Ixelles
website – 02 513 41 65
from tuesday to saturday, from 6:30 to 10:30pm
wednesday and friday from 12 to 2pm
closed on sunday and monday
lunch : 15,50€
4 course menu : 36€

It’s super hard not to be completely in love with Savage’s concept. A restaurant where meat and fish dishes are considered to be sides, and vegetables are the real deal. It fits perfectly with the times we live in, it’s simply right on point. For Joël, the chef, it’s something he’s been used to as a kid, and it makes even more sense to him now.




natural wines & small plates

73 rue des alexiens,
1000 Bruxelles
du mardi au samedi, de 17h à minuit
petits plats : 8€ – 20€
vin au verre : 5€ – 8€

I’ve got just what you need, said Polo, heading back to the kitchen, after we asked him for wine recommendations. Half a minute late he was back with a bottle of Onda Anomalia, an Italian natural wine, with the taste and color of fruit candy. He poured us three glasses after warning us – this, it’s just beautiful, you’ll see. And it was. But not as much as the discovery we were making that evening. From the wine selection, the place, the food and even Polo himself, we loved every little thing at Palette that night.