Live cooking class with Viki Geunes***

Live cooking class
Wednesday 31 of March at 7pm
With Viki Geunes,
chef of Zilte Restaurant***
on instagram

Tomorrow night, we invite you to join us for a final live cooking class. A class like no other, given by the chef Viki Geunes***, from Zilte Restaurant, who has recently won his 3rd Michelin star! 



Our favorite comfort food to Netflix & Chill

our comfort food
bucket list to
netflix & chill

This week, given the weather and the general mood, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you our best comfort-food top spots. Open Netflix, start your favorite good-vibes series, your serial killer or your animals documentary – it’s up to you – and order in one of the following restaurants. Maximum chill level guaranteed.
(Article not sponsored by Netflix)



Le Cocq

Bar & friterie

12 place fernand cocq,
1050 ixelles
7 jours sur 7,
de 7h30 à 21h30

For months now we’ve seen workers, suppliers and barmen come and go to the formerly known Republic brasserie on place Fernand Cocq. And as the months flew by, we saw the Belgian restaurant progressively turn into what seems to be the perfect place for our next nights out.

Today, on the place Fernand-Cocq, the works are finished. A new bar, carrying almost the same name, is now opening its doors. If, like us, you couldn’t help but stick your nose against the window during these last months, you should already have quite a good idea of what’s coming.




Sourdough pizza

11-13 Rue de Moscou,
1060 Saint-Gilles
Monday to Friday from 12pm to 2pm & 5.30pm to 8pm,
sat 5.30pm to 10pm
sunday from 12pm to 8.30pm
Pizza 7,50€ – 12,50€

The pizza dough is what stands out at Standard. The toppings aren’t bad either, and we truly enjoyed both our pizzas, sitting uncomfortably in my car, but the dough, mamma mia. We’re not an Italian restaurant, said Michel, the manager of the group’s new establishments. That may be true, but the pizzaïolo is Italian, and it is him that we remember. You could feel he made his sourdough dough with love, when he cut our pizza with scissors, in order to show us the holes formed in the crust. And that was truly beautiful, and it’s also what made us want to come back, to eat our pizzas installed at one of the small tables at Standard this time.