great food, beautiful wines

Rue du Postillon 6
1180 Uccle
resto : du mardi au vendredi de 19h à 23h
traiteur / caviste : du mardi au vendredi de 12h à 20h
et le samedi de 10h à 18h

When the Dillens team decided to open a new venue, it wasn’t long till we were sitting at one of their tables. We each went separately, Chloé in spring, and myself during the Summer.

That night, I had no idea where I was going, my friends had taken me out on a surprise dinner. As we were driving through different neighborhoods, I was mentally browsing through our whole website in my head, trying to pinpoint the one place they were taking me to, but no luck. As we arrived in Uccle, we finally stopped in front of a washed-green building, where I was finally able to read the word Ivresse with a smile – Chloé had told them where to take me.


Shanghai Kitchen

flavors from shanghai

47 rue fossé au loups
1000 Bruxelles
0471 71 39 72
monday to friday from noon to 2:30pm
every night from 6 to 1030pm

Last week, we passed the door of the Radisson Collection, super excited by the idea of discovering a new dim sum place in Brussels. Truth is, apart from Dam Sum – which, far from what some people may think, do make some of the best xiao long baos I’ve ever eaten in my life -, we’re not the luckiest dim sum-wise. But at Shanghai Kitchen, it’s not only about the dim sums. But first, you’ll actually have to go.



coffee & magazines

chaussée de charleroi 203
1060 Saint-Gilles
0477 98 66 63
du mercredi au lundi
de 8h à 18h

The rain and the cold came without knocking, taking over the city by surprise. Thankfully, Brussels is a city just as beautiful on the inside, and the places we love rushing in when the rain comes pouring just keep on opening. At least it’s the case for Jackie, which we only discovered recently, as Autumn was already settling in. Watching the rain on the window by the little counter, we couldn’t take our eyes off the shelf filled with the greatest selection of magazines. We recognized a few – Monocle, Kinfolk, Les Others – and discovered many more. Kiliane, the owner, told us about Delayed Gratification, the magazine who claims loudly to be the last to talk about the news, taking a step back and giving a brilliant analysis like no other. She then told us about Drift, the magazine for all coffee lovers, for which each tome is dedicated to a city and its coffee culture, through amazing photos and interviews. The we got lost in Apartamento, browsing through some of the most inspiring apartments you’d dream living in.



Bruxelles in the dark

Thursday 29/09 til Sunday 02/10
in several bars & restaurants in Brussels

You must have heard about it. It’s all over the news and it’s the one thing every single person talks about: winter is here, and the rise of energy costs won’t be easy on anyone.

After the covid, the multiple lockdowns, shortage of staff and the inflation, the restaurant business is suffering again. So to raise their voice – but most importantly, to do in a good spirit – the pair Pia (Petit Mercado) and Pierre (Liesse) thought of a rather creative event, and decided to bring a few of their friends on board with them.

For a long weekend, from the 29th of September until the 2 of October, a few of our favorite restaurants will turn off both gas and electricity, and light their candles. Flame-cooked meals, candlelit tables, cocktails and wine in the dark – each restaurant participating will make the most out of the darkness to give you a fun and unforgettable experience. “Brussels in the Dark” is born.