Sarah’d been wanting to go to Firenze for a long time now, and we had also been wanting to go on a girls holiday for a while. So that was already two reasons. We didn’t need any more.
So we checked the flights and realized they cost over 300 euros and we calmed down a little.

Then Sarah had the genius idea to fly to Pisa and take a one hour train from there to Firenze. Flight to Pisa was only 30 euros, train was 7. Two days later everything was booked. We only had to check airbnb to find an awesome and affordable apartment and everything would be settled. So we did.
Two months later, pulling our suitcases behind us, there we were with our cameras around our necks. And we weren’t disappointed.
Not only the weather was pretty great and sunny most of the time, (so sunny that we hadn’t packed enough summer outfits), but the food was also delicious, the toscan landscapes unbelievable, the ice cream incredible…
Among all our adventures, we did find quite a few places worth telling you about

To eat :

– Il Santo Bevitor, we first found out about the wine bar, just next to it. We spent the whole night there ordering tons of cheese and ham and great red wine. We especially remember their truffle pecorino.
Then two days later, we tried the restaurant. Same kind of atmosphere, brick walls and wine bottles all around mostly lit by candle light. There we had the best pasta of our holiday : rabbit, lemon and black olives.

– Il Quatro Leoni – cool address on a nice square. I had the pecorino and pear ravioli, served with asparagus. The pana cotta was excellent.

– Piazza San Spirito for the aperitivi – Away from the Duomo and all the tourists, where actual Firenze people go and have spritz to start their night out. And have one (or two) antipasti plate while they’re at it.

– Grom ice cram shop – although the place is not worth staying there to eat the icecream, the ice-cream itself is definitely worth picking up. They’re traditionally made and just amazing. I especially love the yogurt one.

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