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This week, given the weather and the general mood, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you our best comfort-food top spots. Open Netflix, start your favorite good-vibes series, your serial killer or your animals documentary – it’s up to you – and order in one of the following restaurants. Maximum chill level guaranteed.
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We know there’s always a line, and that it’s, at best, 20 to 25 minutes. But just picture yourself back home, comfortably seated on your couch, the best Brussels cheeseburger in one hand and the “sauce frites” in the other? It’s definitely worth 20 minutes.
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THE most comforting Belgian food, the one you’d want to eat on a rainy Sunday evening, but also on any day other day of the past current months, really. But you don’t always have the time nor the motivation to prepare it yourself, nor to wait for hours until it has finished simmering. Yes we’re heading somewhere with this: if you want to enjoy the best Belgian bolognese in Brussels, without having to cut up a single onion, order from Tontons.
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Fat, yes, but good fat . Fernand Obb honors our favorite quote – fat is life – in his menu, while working only with the best ingredients. Does this make us feel less guilty? To be honest, we just don’t care. It’s good, and anything good feels good. Shrimp croquette, Gaufrit’ and ouille-ouille sauce, homemade fricadelle… The hardest part is choosing what to order.
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Pizza, the living symbol of Netflix & Chill, just took on a whole new dimension. No need to wait for the delivery man, nor to stop in the middle of an episode to open the door. A quick detour to the Little Mercado on your way home from work, ten minutes in the oven before settling down on your couch, and you’re done. Standard’s sous-vide pizzas are the best food invention of the last few weeks, so why deprive yourself?
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Comfort food is also about memories. For me, it’s the noodle soup, since my years spent in Asia. It doesn’t matter which one, as long as the broth is excellent, the noodles al dente, and the garnish to die for. At Yamato, we tick all the boxes with this crazy ramen, these homemade noodles, and this melting pig belly. And if you’re not on the noodle soup team, Katsudon is by far one of the best comfort foods on earth.
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Comfort food means fun, and fun means treating yourself. We’re pretty deep into the concept with Paul Delrez’s lobster rolls, one of the most enjoyable foods on earth. Home-made brioche bread, big pieces of lobster, a white butter sauce, fresh herbs (because, you know), and home-made fries. Absolute happiness.
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In another genre, we’ve already added Le Cocq to our repertoire of regressive good-junk food top spots. The ones that take us back to our childhood, when, wrapped up in our coats, we used to lick our greasy fingers while we were dying of the cold. We’re talking about “friteries”, of course – or French fries food stands, if you will. And the one at Le Cocq serves its fries in cones, just like when we were kids. Along with homemade sauces, and even, if you feel like it, a cocktail to take away.
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We end this food-bucket list with Mine Madeh, the newcomer to the My Tannour family, which has already gotten everyone in Brussels talking. Freshly homemade bread baked in a pizza oven, minced meat, melting vegetables and a garlic sauce to die for – this is one of the best combinations of comforting street food. And if you want to go all out, we’ll go for the falafel. No regrets.
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