traditional french cooking

17 rue de la fauvette, 1180 uccle
0477 66 67 27 – instagram
from tuesday to friday, for lunch and dinner
amuses gueule : 1,50€ – 8,50€
mains : 13€ – 22€
sides : 6,50€ – 8€/h6>

Imagine three of your favorite people from the Brussels food scene – Damien Bouchéry, Joël Geismar and Romina Bux – opening a new venue together. Fauvette is miles away from Bouchéry, though it’s located literally next door. Fauvette is also miles away from Le Garage à Manger, though the generosity in the dishes is the same. It’s got less than 20 seats, a room full of natural light during the day and mostly lit by candles at night, carefully selected vintage furniture, bare wooden tables, a big cabinet filled with natural wines, and tons of copper cookware displayed on the walls.



Restaurants open November 1st!


Friday is a national holiday! We’ve prepared a list (but there is more of course!) of our favorite venues open this Friday November first, for brunch, dinner, coffee, or even cocktails!

Click on the names below or the photos to read more! 👇

Old Boy
Fico (evening only)



Le Fabiola

wine bar

52 rue lesbroussart, 1050 Ixelles
du lundi au samedi, de 17h30 à minuit
wine by the glass : 4,5€ – 7€
Tapas : 3€ – 25€

If you already knew the Cheese and Wine Café, you won’t bel lost walking into Le Fabiola. Inside, most of the interior has remained unchanged, from the red brick walls to the long shared wooden tables. On the walls, shelves filled with wine bottles, and lots of references to our previous Queen Fabiola, making this place now unique.
When Thibault and Olivier first got into wines, over 12 years ago, only very few places in Brussels seemed to be specialized in the area. After both living for a few years in Spain, they decided to combine best of both worlds: Spanish wines, white pudding from Lièges, and pictures of queen Fabiola all around, a symbol of our Belgian culture.



Coin Coin

pasta bistro

13 avenue Jules de trooz,
1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre
02 567 29 02 – site web
open every day continuously from 12 to 9:30
except on friday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm
closed on saturdays
starters: 9€ – 16€
pasta 15€ – 24€

Another great opening in Woluwé! After Coquum in March, Coin Coin recently just opened on the corner of rue Jules de Trooz, just off avenue de Tervuren. Here, it’s all about simplicity, or at least that’s how the two owners intended it. In our plates though, we can see the difference straight away. Coin Coin is not an Italian restaurant, it’s a bistro for pasta lovers, says Mathieu, one of the two business partners.