New hotspots to eat out in style

New hotspots to eat out in Style
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Finally, the second book of Brussels’ Kitchen is out! We have gathered the best of Brussels in this second volume, as we had already done in the first. The difference is, well, all places featured are new and different – making it a real series, and not a newer version of the first book.

75 new hotspots from Brussels, the best places to eat out of course, but also the places with the greatest style, with the most life, with the biggest souls.

75 new hotspots, and 75 stories. Stories about their chefs, their craftsmen, architects, or even their wines.

75 new hotspots, to (re)discover and live Brussels in the best way possible – through its gastronomy.

But also 6 interviews of locals, contributing in their way to making Brussels one of the hottest food place to be. Florist, ceramic artist, specialty coffee maker… Artisans and experts making our experiences richer, more fulfilling, and adding precious details to every moment, making them unforgettable.

And recipes. By the people who were interviewed. Recipes who define them, recipes who inspire them. Roast chicken for a Sunday night with friends, a grandmother’s pasta recipe, mussels cooked under pine needles under a highway bridge. And even more stories to tell.

This second book – just like the first one which has been entirely updated and reedited – are available to order right here.
If you wish to have your book signed, or to have a small note in them, don’t hesitate to write so in the comments when placing the order.

Wishing you lots of beautiful new food experiences,


Photos par Naomi Ellie et Audrey Adellon. Vidéo par Louis Vielle.

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