fries bar

62 rue simonis, 1050 Ixelles
02 850 64 47
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from tuesday to sunday from 12 to 11pm
lunch menu: 10€
burgers: 9€

Right below the logo, you’ll read the mention « bar à frites » – or French Fries bar if you will. This is where Bintjes really makes a difference. Before adding burgers, or anything else to their menu, their objective has always been the same: prepare and serve the best fries.

The potatoes, coming from Ghent, are sliced into fries by Quentin, head of the kitchen, every morning. As they are organic and already washed when delivered, their skin is kept for that New-York fries feel that we really love. The potatoes are then fried twice, in sunflower organic oil – making them vegetarian friendly -, then simply salted with Brittany organic salt. And, voilà! This is how (one of) the best fries in Brussels are made. But why stop there? With your fries, pick a burger, a homemade sauce, and you’ve got yourself a full meal (10€ for the lunch menu). We particularly love the chicken burger, cooked on the broiler each morning, then served in delicious bread from Yves Guns, and topped with red onion pickles, parmesan flakes and honey-mustard sauce (9€ outside the lunch deal). The bonus: the chicken skin, fried separately after the broiler stage, then broken into crumbles to add crispiness to the recipe. Mind-blowing. Each recipe has been tested, retested, then tested out a couple more times to make sure they all have the same sweet-savory-sour-crispyness balance. Another great example is their bacon and cheese burger, the perfection combination of all the adjectives above, with Irish beef (grounded on the premises) covered in bacon crumbles and caramelized onions. What more could you ask for?

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