The best 7 tasting menus


* Ever since Racines opened two years ago, Francesco and Ugo made sure to pull out each and every stop. As much as wine, their food only keeps getting better and better. We’re literally blown away from appetiser to desert, with no exception. Do not miss on the recommendations from the excellent wine waiter too.
Menu : 4 courses for 58€

* Origine had us convinced as soon as it opened. Xavier perfectly masters both ingredient combinations and the perfect way to cook them. We’ll come here to treat ourselves, nothing else. Foie gras, black truffle croquettes, chicken filet with hay smoked butter and French toast for desert. Only the best.
Menu : 4 courses for 36€

* It’s been a few years since Damien Bouchery decided to become a true vegetarian. Though the menu at Bouchéry isn’t 100% vegetarian still, there is no question that you will feel the influence of this personal decision in his menu. He’ll take you on a real journey through textures, colors, tastes and smells. Do hurry to Uccle to enjoy this new gastronomic menu at such an affordable price.
Menu : 3 courses for 39€

* Café des Spores sure has seen quite a few chefs and different menu offers this past years, but the essence has always remained the same. And since it’s been in the hands of Nicolas Scheidt, we’ll come here for our Friday night date as much as any other dinner on impulse of the week. The mushrooms are still the main attraction in the menu, sometimes being the star of their own dish, and sometimes rather complimenting other ingredients.
All mushroom menu : 3 courses at 34€

* We won’t introduce Nicolas Scheidt again, nor his sous-chef Damien Brunet and their famous Buvette, in the heart of Saint-Gilles and chaussée d’Alsemberg. No. But we’ll keep coming back, again and again, without counting. Our only regret? That they’re now closed for lunch.
Menu : 6 courses à 49€

* Aside from the excellent beef tartare with black trumpets, foie gras or authentic “paté bonne-maman”, we mostly come to Le Tournant for its tasting menu. Denis, owner and chef, made his menu a true privileged moment, one you can be sure to enjoy every single time you step into his restaurant for dinner. Though the ingredients change, the structure remains the same : cold fish, hot fish, a delicious and perfectly cooked meat, and an explosive desert to finish. Along with incredible natural wines, of course. Simply a must try.
Menu : 4 courses for 39€

* Nicolas Decloedt has always made it loud and clear that he was a true lover of vegetables and the farmers who grew them. Today, he can definitely be proud of having become the master in the vegetarian cooking field. Always surprising, colourful, delicate, and most of all delicious. You’re vegetarian? Go. You’re not? Go even more.
Menu : 4 courses at 32€

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