Beetroot tartare

par Damien Brunet

for 2 people
4 big red beetroots
2 egg yolks
a small bowl of soy sauce
2 tbsp of mayonnaise
1 tbsp of chopped flat-leaf parsley
1 tbsp of chopped pickles
1 tbsp of capers
a few drops of tabasco
1 tbsp of worcestershire sauce
(or chopped oyster leaves instead)

We made this at Ötap at the begining of the month. The challenge was to make an American version of our Belgian classic, “américain” (raw ground beef with spices, sauces, and an egg yolk) – reason why we even tried to replace the Worcestershire sauce by oyster leaves. To me, the beetroot is one of the vegetables with the stronger “umami” flavor, and therefore the closest to meat in terms of taste. Also, with its color, it really did the trick.



White asparagus & marinated salmon

by Paul Delrez from La Guinguette en Ville

For 2 people
8 white asparagus
240gr of salmon
2 red onions
2 blood oranges
250gr sugar
250 coarse salt
flat-leaf parsley
for the pickles
dehydrated elderflowers
200ml water
200ml vinegar
50gr sugar
50gr salt

Located on the corner of place du Béguinage, with its bistro chairs, leather benches and green metro tiles, La Guinguette en Ville cleverly plays with the codes of the typical Belgian bistro. The first thing we notice as we walk by is the big outdoor terrace, where we’ll come enjoy a glass of house white on the high tables, along with a homemade shrimp croquette.

Paul is the young chef of restaurant La Guinguette en Ville, and is co-owner with his mom, the first person to ever have shared with him her love for cooking.



Lemon roast chicken

by Charly meerbergen from Belga & co

a whole chicken
huile d’olive
cherry tomatoes
cane sugar

Charlie and Loïc founded Belga & Co five years ago, quickly moving on from coffee sourcing and production to the opening of specialty coffee bars. Today, their three bars –Bailli, Saint-Boniface and Antwerp – are a hit, offering some of the best coffees in Brussels. And they also happen to be the HQ of Brussels’ Kitchen.



Linguine a Napoli by Racines

by Ugo & Francesco from Racines

3 anchovies
a handful of salted capers from Capri,
unsalted in water for 24h
a handful of olives galleta or kalamata
a handful of datterini tomatoes
cut in half, lenght-wise
130 gr Linguine

Ugo and Francesco are the founders of Racines and Petits Racines, on chaussée d’Ixelles. Both from Naples and Florence, passionate about great food and amazing wine, they share their love and passion through Ugo’s fantastic cooking and Francesco’s exceptional hospitability. By far one of our favorite restaurants in Brussels.

It’s a recipe given by the grandmother of one of our best friends. We call it linguine a Napoli, because she’s Neapolitan. It’s something we like to eat at least once or twice a week. When we first arrived in Brussels, we used to make it a lot, because we didn’t have much money. Pasta with tomato, pasta a Napoli, pasta with tomato, pasta a Napoli, and so on.