Bobbi Bao

Bar à bao

25 Rue Henri Maus, 1000 Bruxelles
open everyday from 11am to 1am
baos : 4,50€ – 6,50€
sides : 2,90€ – 4,10€

One thing we particularly like doing is to follow the footsteps of chef-entrepreneurs, whose work we’ve fallen in love with. People we loved and remember so clearly we’d never miss out on their next adventures.
Polo with Ötap, then with Grain and Rebel. Roxane and Agathe, with their series of Knees to Chin. Saskia and Marine, from Place Brugmann to Les Terres d’Ici. Arnaud, Jim and Alexis, with Takumi, La Meute, then La Famille. Georges, with C’Chicounou, My Tannour and now Knafe and Kafe (more on that soon).
A list seriously worth keeping an eye on.



Watermelon & feta salad

by simona from kitchen 151

500g of watermelon without the skin,
cut into triangles
10 pitted black olives
coarsely chopped
½ chilli, green or red
100g of feta cheese
¼ chopped red onion
thinly sliced
15 fresh mint leaves
1 lime
olive oil
black pepper
fleur de sel


Cut the watermelon into slices in the shape of triangles. Coarsely chop the black olives. Finely chop the chilli pepper. Crumble the feta cheese with your fingers. Cut the red onion into thin rings, with a mandolin if possible.



Live Cooking class Thursday 28/5 at 7pm

Chou-fleur rôti, crème de feta et noix caramélisées

Live coocking class
where : on instagram @brusselskitchen
what : a free one hour cooking class
during which we’ll cook together
when : every thursday at 7pm
for one hour
for who? everybody! 🙂



First of all, thank you very much for your very constructive feedback on the live cooking classes following the survey on instagram!

I tried to take as much of it as possible into account and now :

– the classes will be at 7pm, still every Thursday.
– all the ingredients will be easy to find in any supermarket.
– all recipes will be vegetarian.
– the recipes will be accessible to all cooking levels

To inaugurate all this, we’ll meet you with Ronnie, chef of Le Conteur next Thursday 28th of May at 7pm, to cook together the following dish :



Cherry tomato and roast pepper moutabal

by theo from semsom

Ingredients for 500gr of moutabal :
250gr cherry tomatoes
1 red pepper
100gr tahini
juice of 2 lemons
1/2 bunch of fresh parsley
50gr olive oil
50gr pomegranate molasses
Lebanese bread chips with zaatar:
1 bag of Lebanese bread
2 tablespoons of zaatar
3 cloves of garlic
100gr pomegranate molasses
100gr olive oil
1 teaspoon of salt


What we love at Semsom is their large counter full of colorful preparations. Between all their different kinds of hummus, moutabal and babaganoush, it feels like a feast every time you go there. Theo is a bit like the king of twisted Lebanese dips. We’re already big fans of his hummus with turmeric or the one with sundried tomatoes. Today, he’s sharing with us the recipe for his cherry tomatoes and roast peppers moutabal, served with crispy Lebanese bread with zaatar. And it’s just perfect for all of the sunny evenings this week has to offer.