Sir Kwinten

restaurant gastronomique

Markt 9,1750 Lennik
02 582 89 92 – website
wednesday, thursday, friday and sunday
from 12 to 4:30pm and from 7pm to midnight
on saturday from 7pm to midnight
2-course lunch : 32€
5-course tasting menu : 74€


We all have rather high standards and expectations when it comes to gourmet restaurants. Even more when those restaurants have received Michelin stars. Whether it’s about the service, the rhythm, the flavors, the perfection of the cooking, the pairings, the wine-parings, etc. These expectations, though world-renowned guides have tried to standardize them as much as possible, remain, in the end, extremely subjective for each of us, and evolve with time.



Nona Mérode

pizza napolitaine

5 avenue de tervuren,
1040 eterbeek
open 7/7, from noon till late
pizza : 6,90€ – 13,90€
cocktails : 7,90€

Nona, the very cool Belgian-Napolitan pizzeria Sainte-Catherine based pizzeria, just opened a second venue. This second spot, right next to the beautiful Cinquantenaire, is very much in line with the same values: incredible Napolitan pizza dough, light as air, Belgium-sourced ingredients (even the mozzarella di buffala), and great pizzaiolo team behind the open kitchen counter. What really stands out is the will to use super local and seasonal ingredients. The “From Dries with Love” pizza highlights this super well, its recipe changing along with the seasons.



Le Bain des Dames

snack de terroir et vins naturels

186 chaussée de vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles
+32 2 512 67 26 – site web
from wednesday to sunday, from 5pm to 1am,
wine by the glass : 5,50€ – 8€
small plates : 5€ – 15€

It’s not a coincidence if the Le Bain des Dames is the name of a creek in Marseilles. Quick looks at the menu got us to figure out straight away what made this wine bar so special. Of course, the excellent natural wines is a big part of it – we’ll get back to that in a minute. But what striked us right away is the list of super sexy small dishes – centered around fish and seafood mostly – that could easily dance circles around any hot restaurant’s new menu.



Articles most read in 2019

the articles you’ve read
the most in 2019
and kept on coming back to


Let’s keep going with last years’ / this new year’s top 10! Here, the top 10 articles you’ve read the most in 2019. Maybe even those which, after a search for a specific place in mind in the vast internet, let you to discover Brussels’ Kitchen, who knows?

Let’s get straight into it, and I must admit, I’m very curious to see which of those will remain in the top 10 of 2020!
And in case you haven’t seen my latest post on Instagram, I wish you all the best for this wonderful new year, with lots of exciting projects, but most of all, true moments of happiness!