Pizza Waffle


Friday, Max and Kevin celebrated their photo studio’s first anniversary, 354 photographers. They had asked some artist friends to create an exhibition for the occasion.

Sarah and I were in charge of the food, and we decided to try a recipe we’d found here. This blog is just gorgeous. We’re not such big fans of the fashion articles, but all the recipes are usually amazing and pushed to the extreme luxury and refinement, without being too hard to realize. Meet Luxirare.

We were inspired by her article on the waffle machine to make “pizza waffles” which had a crazy success.
We simply didn’t move from behind the bar for five hours straight, and we even ended up with a huge waiting list. (our second machine broke down after only an hour, you can only imagine the rush.)

Anyways, it was really easy, apparently really good (we only had a small piece to try), and super fast. You’ll just need a waffle machine, pizza dough (I highly recommend the one from Lidle, they’re already square shaped, much easier), and your favorite pizza ingredients to fill in. Here, besides the mozzarella and tomato sauce, we used parma ham, grilled zucchini and peppers, mushrooms, basil and arugula. And to drink, some raspberries in a cava glass, so easy.

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