73 rue des alexiens,
1000 Bruxelles
du mardi au samedi, de 17h à minuit
petits plats : 8€ – 20€
vin au verre : 5€ – 8€

I’ve got just what you need, said Polo, heading back to the kitchen, after we asked him for wine recommendations. Half a minute late he was back with a bottle of Onda Anomalia, an Italian natural wine, with the taste and color of fruit candy. He poured us three glasses after warning us – this, it’s just beautiful, you’ll see. And it was. But not as much as the discovery we were making that evening. From the wine selection, the place, the food and even Polo himself, we loved every little thing at Palette that night.

The bar had been on our list for a whole, though – don’t ask what took us so long to try it. Just below the Crossly bowling, further than the Sablon but not quiet in the city center yet. Palette sparkles. By the colors of its walls, covered in a tag signed by Oli b., but also by its wine selection, and last but not least, by its sommelier and chef Polo.

Before handling the kitchen, the service and and the wine selection here, Polo has been around. From the cours Florent where he graduated in acting to his own restaurant in Paris. When he came across Palette, it was a revelation. From a simple wine bar, he turned it into a small restaurant, a bar with a amazing wines and small plates to share that leave you asking for more. We had the pimientos del padron (8€), the asparagus with corn and hazelnuts (12€), the merguez with ricotta and fresh mint (12€) and the tuna with crunchy iberico and tomato water (20€). Actually, we almost ordered the whole menu. The tuna was by far one of the best things we had eaten in a while, and it had us finish every last sip of the tomato water. And the crazy wine selection by the glass around 5€ each, what can I say? It left us speechless. We’ll come back for sure, and probably sooner than you think Polo.

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