natural wines and small plates

59 rue Washington, 1050 Ixelles
02 538 65 80 – WEBSITE
open from monday to saturday from 5 to 11pm
and sunday from 5 to 10pm

As much as we did regret the closing of YAG*, we can only be glad that their team decided to launch Tarzan, a natural wine bar, in the exact same spot. Even though it has taken over their headquarters, it is nothing like what the previous restaurant used to be. Where a temple of alimentation vive used to stand, you can now find a real gem for natural wine lovers.

On the wall, a mosaic of small black boards, each naming one of the many winemakers they have partnered with. On the menu, wines served by the glass ranging from 4,20€ for a rosé, to 12,35€ for their special « vin muté », and 8€ for a glass of natural bubbly. And if you’d like to try something special, a little more rock n’ roll, their suggestion board is there to guide you to the team’s favourite selection of extraordinary wines.
On the food side, there again, you’ll only find the best : from homemade houmous (6€), white pudding (7€) to rabbit rillettes (8€), everything is simply delicious. But our three favourites go to the beetroot lace with avocado mousse (8€), generously served and yet so healthy, the beef Cecina (10€), which just melts in your mouth, and the steamed shells with lemongrass (10€). It’s what we love about Tarzan, making the beginning of the night last for ever, simply sharing a bunch of small plates while enjoying delicious and surprising wines.

3 Responses to Tarzan

  1. Mathijs Peters says:


    I love your blog, and use it as my culinary guide in Brussels. Yet lately I have begun to wonder: why do I hardly read anything critical? You use a lot of superlatives….do you only publish about places that you liked and leave out any that made less of an impression?

    On another, personal note: my experience after visiting Brussels bars and restaurants for nearly 20 years is that friendly, customer-oriented service is VERY hard to come by. Often, staff give me the feeling that I should feel grateful for being allowed in their place, rather than the other way around. A continuous source of annoyance. So, I would love if you could pay some extra attention to the service level…a smile costs nothing.

    Keep it up!


    • Brussels Kitchen Chloé says:

      Hey Mathijs,
      Yes in fact we do leave out the rest of the places! On this website you’ll only find place we recommend with eyes closed, meaning we love them for what they are, and even though not everything may be 100% perfect, we wouldn’t want to point those things out as we love them despite those things.
      Point taken about service 😉

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