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Rutabaga is both a place we love and are upset about.

Truth is, we’ve had bad experience with the service. But we didn’t want to stay on a bad impression with a place that has such a huge potential. So we went back, more than once. And it was always as bad…

Nevermind, we decide to forget about the service then, and focus on the really great stuff. Because there is a lot of really great stuff.
We just hope that when you do visit them, they will have gotten better.
And after all, if you do wait too long, the manager will not forget to apologize and offer you a glass of wine (or the whole bill like last time).

Ok so the great stuff.
Well it’s simply different from what we’re used to here, and it’s really gorgeous!
The place is full of fresh beautiful details. Plants hanging from the ceiling and on the tables, classy graphic design, big raw wooden tables, tiles, and a facade as beautiful as the interior.
It would almost make you want to eat inside just to enjoy the beautiful interior.

The menu is different for lunch and dinner. I still don’t know exactly where this kind of cooking is from, but definitely middle east. With a lebanese and sometimes italian touch, and spices from around the world.

For lunch, you’ll find ciabattas and chawarmas, or their famous rutabaga plate. For 16,50, you’ll get eight small dishes, to eat with pitta bread. It’s more than enough for two people, we even had leftovers! It’s vegetarian, organic, fresh and simply delicious!

For dinner, you’ll find “real” dishes on the menu. Like last night this plate of chipirones stuffed with bulgur, redcurrant salad and grilled vegetables, that was just amazing.

Sarah couldn’t resist to dessert, and tried something with apricots, fresh mint, grilled almond and date syrup which she finished in a few seconds.

To try absolutely, with indulgence, humor and definitely patience. But with the great wine and food, it shouldn’t be such a problem.


2 Responses to Rutabaga

  1. K. says:

    I used to love the place – as you say, with a little bit of patience, you can have an amazing experience. However, they have recently introduced a fixed menu system for dinner which means that, for example, you cannot order only a starter and a main. It either has to be a starter, main and dessert or two mains and a starter or some complex third option – with the prices starting at 30 euro. Importantly, the menus cannot be shared. It effectively means that that your bill will be approximately twice as high as before (assuming you were a moderate eater).

    I spoke to the management and they said that they were operating at a loss due to people ordering one dish to share among five (hard to imagine with the small portions but whatever…). We tried to explain that that’s not fair towards their regular customers and that, as healthy eaters, we would love to order a starter and main each or share two 2 mains + a starter (35 euro each) menus between the three of us. The staff was completely rigid so we paid for our drinks and left the place.

    I feel that it is a common thing around Brussels – if you have something great, go ahead and mess it up…

  2. Anke says:

    I am happy to say we were delighted… I read this review and ignored it 🙂

    A little hint of Ottolenghi was served by such a sweet guy. Both the boy and I were taken by him. We had a romantic evening full of tasty surprises.. Good wines, fair pricing and fresh food. Rutabaga will be on the hitlist soon enough, hopefully I’ll be as thrilled that time around!

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