BRUXELLES 100 chefs, 100 recettes végétariennes (FR)




🔥 BRUXELLES – 100 chefs, 100 recettes végétariennes 🥕🥦

Following the huge success of our first book, “Bruxelles – 100 chefs, 100 recettes cultes,” we’re back with a 2nd one. And this gem is now available !

In this second recipe book, “Bruxelles – 100 chefs, 100 recettes végétariennes,” we’ve gathered the best of Brussels’ restaurant kitchens. 100 recipes from the coolest chefs of the moment – Paul Delrez, Grabuge, Verigoud, Le 203, Bisou, Le Petit Mercado, Old Boy… presented in 9 vegetarian chapters: appetizers, vegetables, pasta & noodles, rice & risotto, eggs, tofu, cheese, desserts, and beverages.

Vegetarian because we truly believe that the most exciting and delicious food experiences are happening in this realm, both now and in the future. It’s also where Brussels’ top chefs shine.

This book is a co-creation of a team that went from 2 to 102 people in just a few weeks. It’s filled with pages that came to life through conversations with our favorite chefs, ideas that evolved with the changing seasons, timeless classics that deserved the spotlight, and daily specials that skyrocketed to become customer favorites in a short time.

And as a little extra bonus, we’ve included “Best Places to Shop” pages that go hand in hand with the recipes, making it easy for you to find the same ingredients our beloved chefs use.

By Chloé Roose & Céline Cogniaux
Layout Delphine Volkaert
Illustrations Audrey Schayes, Codefrisko
Editions Racine

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