Pancakes from midi market

Moroccan pancakes

pancakes midi market
If you live in Brussels like I do, you’ve probably already been to the Midi market. Chloé had already told me about the Moroccan crepes stall a millions times, but I had never been there.
This sunday morning, however, Brussels Kitchen’s team met up at the market.

It was about noon, we were super hungry, and it was the smell that led us to the stall, hidden on the left just before the fruits and vegetables when you come from the station.
The idea is simple : a Moroccan crepe that you fill with whatever you like : cheese, artichoke, peppers, olives, honey… And to drink with, a real mint moroccan tea, sweet like it should be. And all of the above for 4,50 euros.
We then took a seat at one of the little tables on the side to enjoy everything. I wasn’t disappointed, it was a real treat. On the way back we of course filled our baskets with fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and spices for very very small prices.
I’ll try to go back as many sundays as I can, that’s for sure!

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