Brussels’ Kitchen in one year!

5 pillars, 5 videos

Maybe you’ve seen it already, we were selected among the finalists to be  Bruxellois of the year by RTBF and Le Soir! Unfortunately, we did not make it to the third turn, but we are thrilled already to have made it so far!

This hasn’t been just another year for Brussels’ Kitchen and we’re glad it didn’t go unnoticed! With the launch of our very first book, the intensive publishing of new hotspots on our website, the BK’s Tables, the now famous Brunch Club and our pop-up restaurant EATCOLOR last November. Throughout this year of 2017, we have built and experienced 5 strong pillars of our brand. We’ve gathered them here in 5 short videos, full of new launched, emotions and most of all, exciting food experiences!

The book “Brussels’ Kitchen, the best places to eat out in style”
90 of our best recommendations in 224 pages, edited by Racine. To order and get delivered home right here.

The BK’s Tables
(The next one will be announced soon through our facebook page, right here)

Le Brunch Club
Every month at Humphrey. All the dates to come, right here!

1 menu, and one unique colour through a 7 course tasting menu. That was the challenge taken by 4 extremely talented chefs last November!

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