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BOOK LAUNCH 📚❤️ It was Monday, November 8. Just about a month ago. And somehow, it already seems like years ago. And yet, we had been waiting for it that night for so long. ⚡️

There were 600 of you that Monday in the Maison du Bois de Choux de Bruxelles, coming to celebrate the release of our 3rd book with us. 600 is a lot. Lots of smiles, lots of autographs, and lots and lots of love ❤️

But we it was important for us to celebrate this booklaunch right, and thanks to Frichti, our incredible food partner, we managed to do it 💥

For us it was first and foremost an opportunity to say thank you to all the chefs in our hearts, those who have their recipe in the book of course, and more. To offer them a beautiful party, an opportunity to get together, to be the guests and not the hosts, for once.

And after seeing the looks on their faces and heard their laughter all evening, I think we can call it a success.

This book is already my third, and it’s Céline Cogniaux’s very first. But more importantly, it is our very first book co-written together, and I hope not the last. It’s a beautiful tribute to to Brussels’ Kitchen growing from 1 to 2, the best thing that happened to Brussels’ Kitchen this year by far.

Thank you Céline ❤️

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do, that you will display it proudly on your coffee table or on your kitchen shelf, and that it will become your best ally whenever you’re craving your favorite restaurant.

Thanks to Monella, Cipiace and La Petite Parisienne for cooking and preparing cocktails for you tonight. All the recipes you tasted are of course in the book 😌

And a huge thank you to all our partners for this crazy night ❤️ Choux de Bruxelles, for this great venue, Hny Water for their organic honey waters, Kefir Eau Vertueuse, our favorite kefir brand, Brussels Beer Project for their amazing Brussels-brewed beers, Lovibond Drinks for the quality softs drinks and for keeping you entertained all night,, our one-stop-shop for the organization of any event, San Pellegrino, the water of the most beautiful tables, Wandering Clo for the most beautiful signs in the universe and Ben Van Hoo for his gorgeous flowers.

📸 Photos by Vivi Pham Photography

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