rue hôtel des monnaies, 80
1060 Saint-Gilles
thursday to monday
from 5pm to 12am
small plates: 5€ – 15€
ciders by the glass: 4,90€ – 5,40€

The lighting is dim, a large stone bar runs through the room, and birch stools adorn the walls and counter. Everything is beautiful at Badi, but what we particularly love are the hundreds of cider bottles with vibrant and colorful labels that fill the shelves.

On the menu, Breton pancakes crafted seasonally (€9), Cancale oysters No. 3 (€6), seaweed tartare (€5), and clams stuffed with parsley butter and garlic (€15). We’re excited to have arrived by the seaside.

Victoria and Maxime fully embraced the Breton touch when it comes to food, but they complemented their highly curated selection of Norman cider with 100% Belgian references, now the majority on their shelves. Both former employees of Ötap, they first had a blast with natural wine before becoming passionate about the cider world – still too underrated and yet made with as much love and creativity as our favorite wines.

At Badi, the ciders are organic and without additives. The ciders by the glass (€4.9 – €5.4) change approximately every two weeks. Alcohol-wise, they range between 5% to 7% ABV, making it ideal to start or finish the evening. Badi is a bar, but like the coolest neighborhood bars, we love coming here to eat a little, a lot, or even make it our entire night, with a serving of buckwheat pancake with sausage and cider-confit onions (delicious), or the one with Fourme d’Ambert, spinach, and toasted pine nuts.

Four references by the glass the night we visited, we took the opportunity to try them all. A special mention for the Cidra Kahlo, a slightly smoky Breton cider, and for the Brut, a Belgian cider aged in oak barrels, rich and round from the Condroz cider house. We also tasted the Pommeau (€7) on Maxime’s recommendation, a blend of apple calvados and apple must, with the taste of tarte tatin, served chilled with an ice cube, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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