Café des Minimes

cultural bar and restaurant

60 rue des minimes, 1000 Bruxelles
02 355 37 11 – SITE WEB
ouvert du mardi au dimanche de midi à 1h du matin,
le vendredi et le samedi, jusqu’à 2h du matin
lunch : de 10 à 18€

We already used to stop by for an espresso served with a Carambar candybar, back when it was still the restaurant L’Arrière Pays. It was simply hard not to: the terrace on the little paved square seemed to be calling out to us, asking us to have a seat either in the sun or in the shade from the huge tree right in its center. Since it became Café des Minimes, the little square has become a destination by itself.



65 Degrés

gastronomic inclusive restaurant

173 avenue louise, 1000 Bruxelles
02 374 54 50 – SITE WEB
open for lunch, from monday to friday
also open three times a month for the evening
3 course menu : 39€

When coming across the name 65 Degrés, you could easily guess the reference to a “perfect egg”. What’s harder to guess however, is the wonderful social inclusion project behind this unique restaurant. The chef Nicolas Titeux and his manager Massimo Pellegrino are daily helped by a team of six people, all carrying a mental handicap: trisomy 21 or autism.



Fernand Obb

Belgian street-food counter

27 rue de Tamines, 1060 saint-gilles
02 771 91 08 – SITE WEB
on monday from 6pm to 10pm
from tuesday to friday from 11:30am to 3pm, and from 6pm to 10pm
on saturday from 11:30am to 10pm
shrimp croquette: 7,50€

Bringing a contemporary twist to Brussels’ most loved street-food icons was the one goal Cédric set himself to when opening Fernand Obb. And though you’ll surely spot the word “fricadelle” in big letters on the black menu, this is gastronomy we’re talking about, miles away from the fricadelles you might have had in Brussels’ most authentic fritkots.




bistronomy & wine

41 avenue adolphe demeur, 1060 saint-gilles
02 537 75 85 – SITE WEB
du mardi au vendredi de midi à 14h30
du mardi au samedi de 19h à 22h
3 services avec 3 verres de vin – 50€

Standing behind the counter, Pierre and Pierre are sipping on huge plates of mussel cappuccino – what’s leftover from today’s starter of their lunch menu (25€ for two courses and a glass of wine). They hand me a spoon. What’s great, says Pierre pointing at the numerous mussels, is that they are just so many of them. Pierre – the chef – tells me that the secret is simply mussel juice, and the right amount of butter. It’s a bomb, though his real specialty is the perfect egg, prepared differently according to the season. Next month we’ll keep working with mushrooms, but very soon, asparagus will be back on the menu, he says, barely hiding his enthusiasm.