Viens chez moi

October 27th & 28th 2019


Viens chez moi, j’invite…
Flagey – address upon réservation
October 27th and October 28th
shared table of 16 people
4 course tasting menu + apetizer
+ sparkling wine & + wine pairings: 75€

The dinners “Viens chez moi, j’invite un chef” are back! 🥂

The concept: Every month, I will welcome you into my very own apartment for a unique type of dinner. One chef, an open kitchen, a perfectly sun-exposed terrace for drinks, an amazing 4-course gastronomic tasting menu and a table for 16 people! Atmosphere? Cosy, intimate and chill! What better to ask for?

This October, I’m inviting two different sets of chefs and hosting two dinners in my apartment!

• On the 27th of October, I’m inviting Ben & Alice, from one of our favorite restaurants, Brut. Opened less than a year ago by the couple and Alice’s brother, the restaurant soon made a reputation for itself and it is now extremely hard to get a table! Book for their very special dinner at mine, right here.

• On the 28th of October,  I’m inviting Stefan Jacobs, from the newly opened restaurant Hors-Champs. We had already had the occasion to try his amazing cuisine a couple of times, first at Bertinchamps, then at the pop up restaurant Chez Marie in Flagey. For only a few days now, Stefan has been welcoming customers in his very own place, Hors-Champs, in Gembloux.  Book for his dinner in my apartment, right here.




saigonese eatery

21 rue dejoncker, 1060 saint-gilles
du mardi au samedi,
de 12h à 14h et de 19h à 22h
petits plats à partager :

We decided to try Nénu the very first day they opened. For most restaurants, that could have been a serious mistake – and maybe even a bit of drama. We walked armed with patience and tolerance, and ready to forgive mistakes – big or small – that could come or way. None of that was necessary. Yet our expectations were quite high, to say the least. Between Ötap – you’ll recognize the style of the architect without a doubt -, Old Boy and even Chinese Tuxedo in New York, for those who may be familiar, Nénu had us wait for its opening like no other restaurant had so far in Brussels.




Japanese home cooking

128 chaussée d’alsemberg, 1060 Saint-Gilles
0486 55 68 31 – site web
ouvert le midi du mercredi au vendredi
le soir jeudi et vendredi
brunch le weekend
réservation par sms
lunch 3 petits plats : 12€
menu soir 5 petits plats : 30€
brunch : 20€

Before setting foot in Brussels almost 5 years ago, Loïc was living in Japan. First in Okinawa, then a bit all around the country. This Italian video-artist had long become Japanese at heart before opening Tokidoki, yet he was not exactly the person we were expecting to see when we heard Japanese spoken in the kitchen. To be honest, we didn’t really know who or what to expect. On the window, you can read “Aussi ouvert qu’un transat à la plage”, which roughly translates into – as open as a sunbathing chair on the beach. Finally.
We had been waiting for that opening for a while, witnessing – too late every time – pop-up brunches and one-time dinners all over the place. It’s now official, Tokidoki now welcomes customers for lunch, brunch and dinner.



La Paix

gourmet restaurant

49 rue Ropsy Chaudron, 1070 Bruxelles
02 523 09 58 – site web
Du mardi au vendredi de 12H à 13h30,
jeudi et vendredi soir de 19h à 20h30
lunch 3 services à 75€
menu 6 services à 185€

David’s loud voice echoes across the room as we enter his restaurant, an hour before the beginning of service. It should simmer long enough to become a thick sauce, he says, to one of his cooks. The chef, owner of the restaurant for over 12 years now, is just as charismatic as his restaurant. What we notice after, is the bright pink Jupiler neon sign, still hung above the bar, most probably a long kept treasure from its previous owners. Then comes the aquarium, standing proud and tall in the middle of the room, giving the place a bit of a seafood or even a Chinese restaurant look.