Edgar’s Flavors

cocktail bar

rue de la Concorde 63
1050 Ixelles
eshop with deliveryinstagram
cocktails : 13€ – 16€
bites : 7€ – 30€
cocktail delivery (250ml / 2 cocktails) : 22€ – 27€

It’s a little bit of chance and a lot of passion that brought Tania and Mario to open Edgar’s Flavors.

Tania, the head chef, or the head barmaid should I say, told me all about her story. Hospitality and restaurants had never been her thing, but a few years ago, she decided to join her husband Mario in his Italian restaurant, to get to spend more time with him. She was in charge of the tables and the bar, making simple Spritz and Negroni to the customers, and that’s how it all started. A few years later, she is the owner of a super successful and renowned cocktail bar, serving high-end creative cocktails to her customers, in which she offers one of the biggest collection of Agave spirits in Europe. So what happened in between. Well she read a lot, tried and tested a lot, but mostly, she deeply fell in love with cocktails.



Next Brunch Box – February 28th

The Brunch Club at home



To adapt to the current situation, the Brunch Club has slightly changed – and is now available to take away!

The concept of The Brunch Club Box? Recreate this unique experience in the comfort of your own home

As usual, all the keys elements will be gathered in the box : 7 small dished prepared by 7 Brussels-based chefs, half a bottle of natural wine from Titulus, fresh juice from BON and a blend of tea from Madn Teas, specially made for Brussels’ Kitchen. 

And a few surprises, of course 😌✨

The price : 45€ per person, everything included (7 dishes + 3 drinks). The Box is for one person, and the menu will be the same format as during the Brunch Club events, with 7 small individual dishes. You can always share it of course, but it would be a shame 😉

You can now order the Brunch Club Box for January 28th here (the box for February 14th is already sold out)

The pick up will be on the 6th of December at restaurant Humphrey (36-38 rue Saint-Laurent, 1000 Bruxelles), from 10am to 12pm



Mine Madeh

Syrian street-food

Place Jourdan 390
1040 Eterbeek – instagram
Madeh : 8€ / Pain : 1€
Barquette de Halloumi, aubergines et sauce à l’ail : 6€

It was really good. Like really, really good. It’s not like we ever had any doubts, thought, ever since we heard that Georges (cfr: C’Chiccounou and My Tannour) was about to open yet another venue. Georges’s cooking has something that, in my opinion, makes the Mediterranean so special: an unprecedented generosity, with which he both cooks and greets his customers.




smash burgers & fries

rue Washington 7
1050 Ixelles – instagram
from wed to fri evening from 6pm to 9:30pm
sat & sunday non-stop from 12 to 9:30pm
burgers : 10€

The pitch: John and Xavier from Old Boy’s, Sadri from Chez Richard and Chez Franz and the guys from Bold joined forces to open a Smash Burger fast food restaurant in Brussels.

Already hooked? So were we.

And you’d be right to be; I’ve learned over the years that the team behind a project is often worth more than the project itself. So Rambo had been on our radar for a while now. We were already big fans of its founding team, the Fives Guys, as they call themselves, for what they’d built in Brussels.