Duck fillet & Beetroots

magret de canard

So today, we’ve got a really colorful recipe for you. The beetroot is the good tip to bring a girly colorful touch to the things you cook.
We’re not used to cooking this vegetable though it has a lot of good stuff for our body.

The best, is to buy it raw,( you’ll find some here) but if you’re a bit lazy or you just don’t have the time, buy them cooked, vacuum packed.
Here, the beetroot goes with duck breast, oven baked at low temperature. This cooking method gives a particular taste to the meat, and brings true tenderness. The duck doesn’t get dry the way it would in a frying pan, and you don’t need to add any fat.
Rather easy, cause you’ll just have to put it in the oven for about an hour.
With the beetroot and the duck breast, we added a really good raspberry dressing.

For the duck breast and beetroots :

For 4 people, you’ll need :

– 2 duck breasts
– a mix of genevrier spices
– a classic beetroot
– 2 chioggia beetroots
– olive oil
– balsamic vinegar
– raspberry coulis

Preheat the oven at 80°C.
Start by preparing the duck breasts. Cut off the excessing fat off the edges. Cut the skin (fat side) in diamonds. Rub the duck on each side with salt and the spice mix.
Put in the over for an hour.
For the beetroots :
It’s better to cook the classic beetroots in slices, it’ll take less time to cook than if you leave it whole. We steam cooked them for about 30 minutes, but always check if they’re done by sticking a fork in it, the way you’d do with a potato. Once they’re done, slice the chioggia beetroots and arrange them on the plate, alternating with the classic cooked beetroot.
Prepare the dressing.
Mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, raspberry coulis, salt and pepper the way you like it.
Arrange the slices of duck breast next to the beetroots and dressing.
It’s ready

magret de canard
magret de canard

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