Eatcolor, a pop up restaurant, 4 chefs, 4 colors, 4 menus. Gastronomy, experience, color, talented chefs, emotions.

Thanks to Nicolas Darnauguilhem, Damien Bouchery, Bénédicte Bantuelle, Nicolas Scheidt, Laurent Folmer and Joël Geismar.

Thanks to San Pellegrino, hôtel BLOOM!, ASA selection, eFarmz, Marie’s Garden, and Pimpinelle.

Thank you.

Turn up the volume and click on the vimeo link to see the video in HD.

Chloé & Sarah

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  1. Victoria Sheehy says:

    I am a very keen cook and eater. Sad that I didn’t know about this event. Are you planning more? And how can I be in the loop? Thanks.

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