Les nouvelles adresses food & style (2019 – FR & EN)


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Brussels’ Kitchen released its second Book! 75 new hotspots to eat and drink out in style in Brussels + 6 exclusive interviews and recipes. Published at Racine editions.

Discover our new book in video, and turn up the volume!!

Book written entirely by Chloé Roose. Video directed by Louis Vielle.

Deliveries are now available in Belgium! The price is 19,95€ + 5,70€ for express delivery.

Extract of the second book : preface by Claudia Lomma

What Chloé Roose does best, is finding what makes people exciting. This girl has been gifted with bringing talented people together. And giving Brussels and its restaurants a new dimension. To bring it to the level of a city we’re right to love. With everything it has to offer, with sharing and pride, quality and simplicity. Brussels – also – as capital of innovative gastronomy, surprisingly kind.
Eating to taste new things, but also to meet, to share, to exchange. To be together or alone with yourself, but filled with beautiful and delicious things. Those things you can bite, inhale or absorb, but also those more immaterial things, leaving sensations, building memories, refining our senses.
All of this around cleverly set tables or settings simply made but always with creativity, passion and no frills.
The tables. And the flowers. And they harmony from structured to chaos. The tables, originally perfectly dressed, ending up upside down at the end of the meals. The tiny work of arts, made with champagne corks by distracted artists, during a conversation. Incidents and wine stains. Life at its fullest.
Through this book, Chloé shows that every instant can be a great moment, with little ideas and lots of desire.
That, that is inspiring. It makes us grow. It makes us want, ourselves, to do things differently. Life is a stage and the table its finest accomplishment.

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